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Nathan and Maxie were held together and worked to escape.Maxie got away first but encountered Levi and his father Peter Harrell.Levi admitted that he was a jewel thief and that Maxie had been a means to her mother's Aztec jewelry.He took Maxie hostage at gunpoint while his accomplice, the man that had pretended to be an immigration agent, grabbed Dante's wife Lulu.

After Nathan arrested Madeline, he spent a night discussing his family drama with Britt Westbourne.Maxie and Nathan continued their friendship until Levi accused Nathan of reporting his illegal immigration status.Nathan denied contacting immigration but Maxie kicked him out of the apartment and announced that Levi planned to remain in the country as her husband.As Nathan processed the truth about his family, Madeline informed him that Nina was alive.Although he was hesitant to believe his aunt, he was overjoyed when he learned that Nina was in Port Charles and staying with Silas.

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