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After rumours of Nintendo's Super Famicom emerged, a decision was made by Sega's then CEO, Hayao Nakayama to adopt something akin to the company's successful Sega System 16 arcade architecture.While the console was not able to match arcade hardware, Masami Ishikawa was asked by his manager to double the graphic memory capacity to improve the console's performance, so he redesigned the way the timing worked with the memory access cycle while minimizing the additional circuit size and number of IC pins needed. We wanted to include enlarging and minimizing capabilities as well as sprite-spinning functionality, but the circuit design was becoming too large to fit on one chip, which would have lowered the production yield rate and hiked up costs, so we had to remove it from the spec.Best of all, VGM rips are so easy to do that even YOU can do it. It will teach you everything you need to know, from the programs used and proper tagging, to how to cleanly trim a song so it loops flawlessly, like all other songs on this site.:) Also, don't forget to join our forums and come chat with us on IRC.The project was spearheadded by Masami Ishikawa, who had also been a key player in the production of the Master System, and also the Sega Mark III.

The 68000 was partially 32-bit, with a 32-bit internal data bus and 32-bit registers.

For much of its development lifespan, the Mark V was set to be an 8-bit machine, led by features such as Texas Instruments' advances in its "Dual-Port Memory" RAM architecture (which had yet to be implemented in a video game environment).

It was also the first video game system to use several new complex circuit designs, including FIFO memory, read/write of one line buffer method for drawing, and interlace display.

At the beginning of the decade dozens of companies were getting in on the video game craze, but by the end, video gaming was often associated with just one name - Nintendo.

With very little competition on the home console front, Nintendo and their Nintendo Entertainment System (or NES for short; the North American version of Japan's Family Computer) had dominated the video game market.

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Scaling and rotations of sprites were once planned for the system's "Video Display Processor", but were cut from the specification due to higher production costs.

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