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La Chouffe is an original and distinctive beer, that has gained great popularity. It tastes more like a caramel-coloured münchner that a dubbel. Leffe Tripel - an excellent beer brewed in Hoegaarden - should not be confused with the rest of the Leffe range.Strangely, it is far easier to find on draught in Amsterdam than in Belgium. The bottled beers, with the exception of Kwel Chouffe, are only packaged in large champagne-style bottles. Lots of beers ended up here when Interbrew closed most of its ale breweries in a Whitbread-like sweep through the Belgian industry (how ironic they should themselves have gobbled up Whitbread). Orange, lemon, coriander and ginger aroma; neutral taste with orange and ginger aromas; spicy finish with ginger, orange and coriander aromas. Their beers are very distinctive - there's a certain taste they all seem to have - which helps when spotting their many label beers.

A recent innovation is an unfiltered version of Speciale Palm dispensed by handpump. This is where they leave beer for two years to go sour. A tripel with a pleasingly high level of bitterness. Unlike many other small Belgian breweries, Slaghmuylder continues to brew both top- and bottom-fermenting beers and has built separate fermenting rooms for them. They're the only commercial brewer of the style to still stick to this traditional method 100%. Sadly, soon after making the investment in exrtra capacity, the market for sour beers began to slide and the company got into financial difficulty. Dark brown colour with a dense head; pepper, plum, spice and caramel aromas; sweetish/bitter taste with liquorice, dates, alcohol, cherry, pepper and caramel aromas; bitter finish with liquorice, roast, toffee, chocolate and chicory aromas. A beer that happily avoids the sickly sweetness usually found in abbey blonds. After the war, the brothers lacked the financial means to replace it and brewing ceased. Their beers are beginning to appear in Dutch cafes supplied by Heineken. Though dating back to the 17th century, the modern history of the monastery in Achel only really starts in 1846, when it was re-established after dissolution during the French Revolution.

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I'm not sure how many are still brewed as there was plenty of the sort of "duplication" in the range that multinationals love to simplify for us. A clean, lightly spicy witbier that is pleasant without being exceptional. They've never been my favourites, but that's down to personal taste rather than any failings of the beers themselves.

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