Dating workaholic advice

We can’t always control the outcome but we can certainly control our own choices.

If you’ve ever found yourself being a mildly controlling girlfriend, learn to let go so you can grow.

So when you think about the anxiety you’re getting from being away from your boyfriend, it’s merely your perception of the situation you’re creating subconsciously.

Take a deep breath and create a schedule that you enjoy that aligns with you partner.

You were given one mouth and two ears for a reason.

Listening to his needs is very important as it will give you a better understanding of how things are going in his life and what upcoming events or schedules changes may be happening.

Sudden urges will arise within you to want to text or give him a call.Get out of the house, get off of Facebook and other social media platforms and find something fun to do.Go on Craigslist and search the community section for fun activities. Depending on the love of someone else to feel complete is bad because eventually they will let you down.Remember: being in a relationship is about sharing a life, not making the other person your entire life.If you want to learn how to date a busy man, become a busy woman!

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The only way you’ll truly understand someone else’ life is to put yourself in their shoes.

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