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Our placement this week was at a local orphanage: Amani orphanage, ‘Amani’ translating as ‘peace’.Amani is home to 40 children aged 3-14 and the children there do everything together including schooling, eat, pray and sleep.This is a list of people who have been VJs on MTV, the music video channel in the U. Initially, they were nothing more than on-air personalities, but as the popularity of MTV grew, they began to branch out past just introducing music clips. Originally hired to represent a wide array of musical tastes and personal ethnicities, VJs eventually became famous in their own right.

At night the place is alive with sounds, and the sky is scattered with clusters of stars.We spent some time inside the classroom, teaching the children English and maths, but our main job was to plant some trees to improve the environment there, so that in the future the children will have shade to sit and play under, as the orphanage is situated on dry, desert land, which is very hot and dusty.Aside from teaching and planting, we spent a great deal of time just hanging out and getting to know the children- it wasn’t long before they had us compete with them at skipping competitions, and I think we left with a new hairstyle every day!Soon, they were considered by many to be full-fledged music journalists, interviewing major music celebrities and hosting their own television shows on the channel.The sign next to a VJ's name indicates that he or she was among the first on the channel.

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This week also brought us the exciting opportunity to do a day game drive safari through a national park, which we have all been excited for since day one!

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